Wednesday, 30 December 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year and a fresh start.  A sweeping of the decks and a time to throw out the old and bring in the new. My mantra for the next year is going to be "only surround yourselves with people who make you feel good". SO ....... new studio end of Jan and already I have plans for my first set of prints, inspired by an unwanted present I gave to someone. I won't say anymore so as not to spoil the surprise but my lino is in the post and i can't wait to get drawing.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


So SUMINK's etching room is officially up and running and as you can see from my picture Pauline and Yvette are overjoyed. It's not been an easy start as it's been ages since I have etched so getting back into the swing of things has taken some time, some happy mistakes along the way like the fact my ground had slipped off half of the plate but the messy bite worked well with the image......don't you just love it! Scarily it's only two weeks of printing left until SUMINKs exhibition if you include drying and framing and I really need to get my ideas together and get cracking.....think I'll turn my phone off for a week! I have also started Digital Film Hub course run by a fantastic production company in Northampton offering two trainers to just five artists. We are making a film about the Diwali (festival of lights) celebrations on the 10th October in Northampton. I have been put in the role of Producer which means the buck kind of stops with me if things go no pressure therethen? Anyway lots to do this week I just pray I can achieve everything I hope!

Friday, 28 August 2009

A week of website, etching and life drawing

Our website is almost there now, just got to get the images uploaded for sale, so check it out any feedback welcome!

So....this week we have started working in our second studio, which is going to be solely used for etching. We have decided to go down the non-toxic route, using ferric acid and copper plates. At this stage we have just mixed the solution and planned the most effective way of using the room. We have booked a SUMINK exhibition for October and we are working towards this and putting our heads together to come up with a title that will encompass our different styles of work.

Life drawing is going well, we have tried to mix it up a bit. It was great seeing everyones face when they came in thinking it would be one model naked yadda yadda and found a breakfast table set up, male and female, half dressed and posing as though they are having an argument. It was really challenging but everyone loved it just not every week was the feedback. Now the dark nights are coming we are thinking of drawing in the dark!!!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lynne is part of an artists group along with Pauline Wood and Yvette Bartlett who specialise in fine-art printmaking known as SUMINK, our studio is part of The Artists Sanctuary located in Northampton. We currently have four pieces exhibited at the Kettering Open 09 exhibition, Alfred East Art Gallery. The show includes one monotype by Lynne and three monotype prints by Pauline one of which took First Place in the show. Pauline also has exhibitions running at Wrenn School, Wellingborough and Floss Dentistry in Northampton.