Sunday, 4 October 2009


So SUMINK's etching room is officially up and running and as you can see from my picture Pauline and Yvette are overjoyed. It's not been an easy start as it's been ages since I have etched so getting back into the swing of things has taken some time, some happy mistakes along the way like the fact my ground had slipped off half of the plate but the messy bite worked well with the image......don't you just love it! Scarily it's only two weeks of printing left until SUMINKs exhibition if you include drying and framing and I really need to get my ideas together and get cracking.....think I'll turn my phone off for a week! I have also started Digital Film Hub course run by a fantastic production company in Northampton offering two trainers to just five artists. We are making a film about the Diwali (festival of lights) celebrations on the 10th October in Northampton. I have been put in the role of Producer which means the buck kind of stops with me if things go no pressure therethen? Anyway lots to do this week I just pray I can achieve everything I hope!